Ron Paul and Mike Gravel a little too sane for you? Not to worry – there are even more entertainingly half-baked politicians who think they have what it takes to be our fearless leader.

Earlier in the week American Spectator floated the name of Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, best known for sterilizing women, extolling the health benefits of breast implants and equating environmentalism with mass murder.

AmSpec quotes a mysterious anonymous source…

“He’s not bound to any timetable or any fundraising imperative,” says a longtime adviser to Coburn, who has spoken with him. “What’s important for him is that there is no other true, Reagan conservative in the race, and he thinks he can fill that void.”

…but a Coburn spokesperson quickly shot the story down.

He chalked up the buzz to “effective rumor planting by powerful donors who want to see a wholesale shake-up in the GOP.”

OK, whatever that means. But who needs Coburn when we’ve got Cynthia McKinney? Reason Magazine points us in the direction of everyone’s favorite cop-punching, conspiracy theory spouting former congresswoman, who apparently wants to be the Nader of 2008.

At least under the McKinney administration, we will finally know who killed Tupac.