Contrary to popular opinion (and the private desires of many, no doubt) I am alive and well in Peru. Here I am looking dirty and smelling worse (thanks goodness Google hasn’t perfected Gsmell yet). And in case you were wondering, yes, I climbed Waynapicchu, the mountain directly over my head. My lungs will never be the same. I was passed on the Inka trail by an 80-year-old man with bad hips and and a woman in a wheel chair.

My lungs hurt!

But on to politics. I have polled two cab drivers thus far on their opinions of President Bush. One gave a thumbs down and the universal throat slashing sign. The other said, “I like-a the President Bush man. He good. Good.”

So there you have it. The people of Peru are split down the middle on Dubya. I hope to settle the debate before returning home…