While Jason is off to Peru in an effort to establish his South American empire, he’s let the inmates run the asylum here at Politicalderby.com. (How else could we explain letting someone calling himself Phil McCracken loose on the site?)

Meanwhile, there is more insanity going on as not only are the candidates jostling for position in the 2008 Presidential race, but the states themselves are jockeying for position in the primary run due to start in 2008. Or will it be 2007?

With months left until the September deadline to set a date for their states, the traditional early birds, Iowa and New Hampshire, have waiting to see when some other states decide to schedule their primaries.

One of the cards fell into place this week, as Florida has officially scheduled its primary for January 29th, 2008. (Hey, that’s my birthday!)

With both Iowa and New Hampshire sporting laws regulating how close another state’s primary can be to theirs, the candidates face a possible New Year’s or even Christmastime event in one or even both states.

At this rate, expect candidates for the 2012 Presidential race to start their exploratory committees within the next few months.

This now leaves South Carolina as the wild card for the final positioning of the first tests of the 2008 Presidential election. Don’t expect this race to become any clearer than the real race before September.