Ron Paul continues to remain hugely popular in cyberspace, if not in the real world. Despite the verbal beating Rudy Giuliani rained down on him at the last GOP debate, Dr. Paul has been maintaining his impressive showing with the tech-savvy Internet crowd.

The 10632 subscribers to the Congressman’s channel easily trump the showing of all other presidential hopefuls, both Democratic and Republican. Leading Democratic horse, Barack Obama, is currently a distant second with 5776 youtube subscriptions.

Though he usually registers in the low single digits in polls, Ron Paul’s support has consistently been at on near the top in such popular online venues as youtube and myspace. If Paul is to have a chance to stay in the race, he will need his online pals to get off their computers long enough to start showing up in real-world polls and voting booths.


  • Eric J. Bowman

    It’s been a widely known fact amongst many political Websites – especially the polling ones – that the supporters of Ron Paul are using spamming techniques to make his numbers “look” good, when they’re actually not!

    Any references for that? Or are you a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist who believes any smear campaign against someone whose views you disagree with, no facts required?

    As far as I know, the only candidate that has so far been caught trying to “cheat” the online polls is McCain. I can even provide a reference to back that up:

    Make your voice heard on other blogs. Click here for our blog roll and visit other blogs before, during and after the debate to make your voice heard and talking up your support of John McCain. Many of these site will be querying their audiences about who won the debate – help us promote John McCain.

    Any of that from Ron Paul’s website? Or any websites promoting Ron Paul with enough traffic for this lie to even be feasible? Why don’t any Republicans claim that this means that McCain really isn’t in second place because his supporters are cheating? The evidence is right there in front of your eyes, but you refuse to believe it in favor of some comfortable but baseless fantasy about Dr. Paul.

    But that doesn’t even begin to touch on the hypocrisy of the Republican front-runner being a pro-abortion (one day but not the next), thrice-divorced cross-dresser with mafia ties. Which means his overwhelming appeal must result from his firm stance in favor of neoconservative authoritarianism. Scary, that.


    Personally, I think it is very possible Ron Paul is very popular. He is very different from the other candidates in that he speaks the truth everybody ready knows. Out entitlement state means the fed has a 70 trillion dollar obligation, and current government refuse to put these debt in their budget despite requiring such obligations to be included in business budgets by law, and for good reason.

    Wake up, terrorists don’t hate that we’re rich, free, and drive expensive cars. They hate us for the unintended consequences of our foreign policy. MUCH of the repression they face in their countries is because OUR GOVERMENT props up the despots running their country. We have to except that there are consequences for our actions.

    Stop questioning the polls and making wild accusations. The online pollsters say they are difficult to fool. Wait until newer offline polls comeout. I expect the major discrepancy is between people that have seen him and those who have not.

  • Ken Hamilton

    Maybe Rudy Giuliani is the truly fringe candidate. Apparently, he has not even read the 9/11 Commission report.

    Hey, Rudy, read more and campaign less.

  • David Kaiser

    I think most rational people see Ron Paul as a fringe candidate, especially after the last debate. I’m not sure calling them a joke is in order, but I would agree that his supporters tend to make online polls worthless.

  • Jacosta

    It’s been a widely known fact amongst many political Websites – especially the polling ones – that the supporters of Ron Paul are using spamming techniques to make his numbers “look” good, when they’re actually not! There are a small number of Websites that have actually banned polling for Ron Paul because of their spamming.

    Is it any wonder why, in the first presidential debate at the Reagan Library, that Ron Paul stated that he does not trust the news media, television, radio, or news paper for factual information – and that he believes that the Internet is the most factual? Well, duh! Right – when you have all your supporters spamming the Internet to make you look good….and it’s much more difficult to spam telephone surveys FROM television, news paper, radio, and professional polling organizations like Rasmussen and Zogby!

    Ron Paul and his supporters are a big joke! I’m just glad that their dishonest antics are being discovered!

  • Chris

    Well the online-offline discrepancies aren’t limited to Paul. The latest Gallop poll has Giuliani out in front in the high 20s, then McCain, Thompson, and finally Romney at a distant 8%. Not so in online polls, where Romney’s leading the pack, followed by Paul, then Giuliani (reference Fox’s post-debate text poll).

    Something’s askew, somewhere.

  • Keith

    He does well in online polls because they are all segregated into Republican and Democrat. I never see a poll which shows all of the candidates together and asks you to vote for one. Because of this, Democrats/Independents vote for Ron Paul on the Republican side and Republican/Independents vote either Kucinich or Gravel on the Democrat side. In telephone polls they don’t let the caller vote for someone on both sides.

    I’m not registered with either party, but will register Republican when I update my license next month to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

  • Ken Hamilton

    Well, if the real-world polls will ask me I will tell them that I support Ron Paul as I did Zogby the other day when I filled out one of their polls that they emailed to me. And I plan to vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican presidential primary in my state. And I tell other people about Ron Paul’s candidacy – online, in person, and on the local radio talk show. And I have contributed money to his campaign.

    What more am I supposed to do?

  • Brendan Spiegel

    Interesting how much web support he has, while the GOP establishment is portraying him as way out on the fringe, even talking about kicking him out of the debates. I wonder if his online support is more based on his anti-war position or his libretarian views.