It looks like Hillary’s campaign agrees with our assessment of how disastrous a loss in Iowa would be to her campaign. At least one member of her team thinks it would be a good idea for her to skip the state altogether. In a strategy memo leaked via an unnamed rival campaign, Clinton’s deputy campaign manager Mike Henry suggests Hillary should give up on Iowa and focus on the gathering pile of states holding primaries in the following weeks. From NYT:

“I believe we need a new approach to winning the Democratic nomination,” he wrote. “This approach involves shifting the focus away from Iowa and running a campaign that is more focused on other early primary states and winning this new national primary. More specifically, I propose skipping the Iowa caucuses and dedicating more of Senator Clinton’s time and financial resources on the primary in New Hampshire on January 22, the Nevada caucus on January 19, the primaries in South Carolina and Florida on January 29 and the 20 plus state primaries on February 5th.”

The campaign was quick to affirm Clinton’s commitment to Iowa, but it is meaningful that at least some of her team is freaking out about the latest Hawkeye state polls.