Apparently, no one does. The Hill examines the dearth of 2008 challengers on the GOP side:

The NRSC has yet to land one substantial candidate, while the DSCC has several candidates in Minnesota and New Hampshire, along with leading candidates and presumptive nominees in Colorado, Idaho and Maine.

Granted, it is very early in the election cycle, and it makes sense that potential candidates are cautious given the beating Republicans took last fall. But it’s still surprising there aren’t more names being floated around. Despite the strong map for Democrats, there are some good openings for Republicans as well, including six Democratic incumbents running in states George Bush won in 2004. And two Senators running for reelection belong to that endangered species: the Southern Democrat. Yet the NRSC has no one to run against Mark Pryor of Arkansas or Mary Landreiu of Louisiana.

Particularly embarrassing is the lack of a candidate to succeed retiring Sen. Wayne Allard, Republican of Colorado.

Of course these things can change quickly, but for Republicans to even have a shot at regaining control of the Senate, they’ll need to get some candidates to the starting gate.


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