Since the revelation that her cancer had returned, and some timely poll bumps for her hubby, Mrs. Edwards has been increasingly visible on the campaign trail. Voters are clearly comfortable with seeing her at her husband’s side, and spousal campaigning is as old as Mike Gravel’s jock, but are voters prepared for another buy-one-get-one-free presidency? Given that Mrs. Edwards made a point that she wouldn’t be attending cabinet meetings should her other half win, it seems odd that she’d insert herself so forcefully and authoritatively into the Bush v. Congress battle over Iraq funding. (below)

Everyone knows Mrs. Edwards is a smart, articulate woman and might make for a very respectable US Senator in her own right. But are they prepared to see her speaking for her husband’s campaign on policy matters?

Perhaps it plays well in a primary battle among Hillary-ized dems, but middle America voters in a general election might not appreciate a 2-for-1 sequel.

Mrs. Edwards criticizes Bush for veto threat

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, strongly criticized President Bush for threatening to veto legislation which sets a timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq.

“We don’t have any override votes, but there is no prohibition to sending back exactly the same bill with exactly the same timetable,” she said at the grand opening of her husband’s New Hampshire campaign office. “And if he vetoes that, to send back another bill with the same timetable. Do not start capitulating to a president who is going against the will of the American people, the vote in 2006, and frankly the will of the Iraqi people as well.”

Mrs. Edwards has been active on the campaign trail since her March announcement that she has had a recurrence of cancer.


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