According to SurveyUSA:

U.S. Senator Barack Obama emerged a clear winner in tonight’s debate among 8 Democratic candidates for President of the United States, according to a SurveyUSA poll of 403 South Carolina debate watchers. 31% of debate watchers say Obama won. Obama, the only black candidate, was the overwhelming favorite of black debate watchers. U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton finished in 2nd place, picked as the winner by 24% of viewers. Clinton, the only female candidate, did better among women than among men. Former U.S. Senator John Edwards finished 3rd, picked as the winner by 14%. Obama did three times better than Clinton and twice as well as Edwards among South Carolina’s Independents. Obama and Clinton tied among Democrats. Edwards and Obama tied among Republicans. Clinton won among white viewers. 60% of debate viewers were white. 36% of debate viewers were black.

I’m not sure what’s the bigger story here. Is it that a surprising 32% of South Carolinians admitted to watching a debate 9 months before the first votes are cast? Or that a shocking 2% of debate watchers thought Mike Gravel won? Won what? Best dressed? Most likely to play the part of Mr. Smithers in the Broadway version of The Simpsons?


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