Roger Friedman of Fox News caught up with Al Gore at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Al Gore repeated his well rehearsed reply about having no plans when it comes to running for president. And what about the rumors of former and current political allies mobilizing?

“Oh, that,” he said, rolling his eyes. He didn’t quite say, ‘That’s not true.’ He came close, but it wasn’t a total denial.

There is nothing shocking there.  The news is Gore’s apparently shrinking waistline:

Maybe this is the new Gore. He’s wily now. And thinner. Even though he was wearing all black, you could tell that the man who won the popular vote in the 2000 election is getting himself in shape for something. Who knows what?

Much has been made of Gore’s body mass index being the predictor of his presidential aspirations.  Just recently, Dan Rather commented regarding Gore’s plans. 

“Al Gore is thinking seriously about [running],” former CBS anchor Dan Rather said recently on “The Chris Matthews Show.” “He’s beginning to lose weight–”

“I hear he’s made a commitment to a friend for a crash course to lose 40 pounds right away,” Matthews said, interrupting (of course).

Will he? Won’t he?  Perhaps the answer can be found somewhere between Dr. Atkins and South Beach.


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