This week’s Rasmussen poll has Barack Obama now tied with Hillary Clinton on top of the field for the 2008 Democratic nomination. Obama’s campaign has really hit its stride in the last few weeks, starting with his stunning fundraising numbers.

This is the latest in a series of bumps to the Billary campaign, which almost certainly has to be sweating the pressure the rock star candidate is bringing to bear on her position as the presumptive favorite in the race.

In other Obama news, an article on Slate is adding to the series of comparisons between him and John F. Kennedy. The story compares Kennedy’s handling of the religion card with what Obama may face with the race card:

…few people support Obama solely, or mainly, because he’s black. But if his strategists are thinking as Kennedy’s did in 1960, they may be calculating that his race can subtly enhance his other attractive qualities. Having passed a threshold among most white voters, his race can implicitly encourage them to feel that a vote for Obama is a vote for tolerance, for a future free of the constricting prejudices of the past, and for a sense of hope that Jack Kennedy once evoked.


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