Politico has an excellent op/ed from a leading evangelical strategist. Romney hopes this eventually sums up the views of enough evangelicals to provide the tipping point he’ll need to clear the “Mormon hurdle”.

Looking now to 2008, if I were to support a presidential candidate other than Mitt Romney, I would have two options. The first would be to select a candidate who shares my values and is an evangelical (and some fit this description) but has little record of turning budgets from red to black and solving complex problems (and little chance of raising the kind of money now necessary to survive the front-loaded primary process).

Or I could back an experienced politician who does not well represent my values and hope to influence him religiously (a strategy that historically has marginal success, at best).

No, wait, there is a third option, and that’s the one Karl Rove believes was exercised by 4 million evangelicals in 2000: I could stay home. The problem with that option is that it violates another evangelical tenet: a Christian citizen’s duty to vote.

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