Hillary Clinton expected to win the Democratic nomination for president in a cakewalk, but as Barack Obama’s popularity has been increasing, Hillary’s lead in the polls has been eroding. Hillary also assumed the New York primary would be hers for the taking, especially after trouncing her Republican opponent in last year’s Senate race. Not so fast. Just as it has been nationally, Obama’s support has been increasing in NY. Hillary also assumed that she would have the support of African-American voters in New York, given her (and her husband’s) immense popularity in the community. But black politicians in NY have been slow to endorse Hillary. Everywhere she looks, Mrs. Clinton is having problems. Her wheels may be falling off, but she’ll grind her axles deep into the ground before letting up.

The New York Times called New York Hillary’s “home state”, a technicality based on a senator’s having to reside in the state he/she represents. While Hillary may be able to easily win a senate seat in a very blue state, much of her constituency does not consider her a New Yorker, and it would not behoove her to presume that she is the favorite.


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