Dick Cheney apparently was saved by the bell today when his arch-nemesis — Dennis Kucinich — decided to delay his plan to introduce articles of impeachment against the VP, because Dick was going to the hospital for a check-up on his blood clot. Whew! That was close! For some odd reason, this bizarre “reprieve” reminds me of when we decided to briefly stop bombing during Ramadan in order to show respect for Islam. “We’ll get back to killing you guys in a couple of weeks — happy holidays!” Did that actually win us any friends?

Come on Dennis, where’s the killer instinct? Did Deadeye Dick show his hunting buddy any mercy? No! The guy got between Dick and some half-tamed, flightless bird so he shot him in the face! Go for the jugular, Dennis! Well, maybe that’s too high …. Go for the kneecap, Dennis!

Now, is this impeachment “effort” likely to win Kucinich any more votes in New Hampshire? Probably not. Most Democrats thoroughly despise Cheney, and for good reason. But they also know that if Cheney goes, then George W. Bush will be left to run the country by himself, and that’s like leaving a 3-year-old with a lighter in a fireworks shop.


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