New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will be the first 2008 Democratic presidential candidate to air television ads, going on the air Monday in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Richardson, running a solid fourth place in the Political Derby Power Rankings, raised enough first quarter dough to stay in the race and the ad buy represents his most serious push yet to challenge the big three.

The biographical spots highlight Richardson’s greatest strength, a political resume that dwarfs the rest of the field. The only governor in the race, Richardson has been a Congressman, U.S. Energy Secretary and U.N. Ambassador. In short, he makes Hillary look like she did stay home all her life baking cookies. Not to mention one-term senators Obama and Edwards.

And considering Richardson would almost certainly lock up New Mexico, a swing state that went to Bush in ’04, he’d be the perfect candidate, if Dems were searching for one. Of course, they’re not searching for one – Democrats already have three candidates they like. The reaction to Richardson’s ads in these key primary states will likely show if the big three have locked up Democratic support, or if there is room for a fourth.


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