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So welcome to the latest edition of’s 2008 Power Rankings, the original tracking service in the current race for the White House. The rankings are updated as circumstances warrant and are compiled by our Editor and contributors using wire reports, polls, campaign staffer scuttlebutt and confidential tips.

Rankings last updated: April 20, 2007

The DEM Horse Tip Sheet
Power Ranking The Horse Momentum The Tip Sheet
1(tie) Barack Obama Obama Up Welcome to the lead, Obama. For the first time ever, Hillary has company at the top of the rankings. Obama’s Q1 fundraising totals and ever-improving poll numbers indicate he’s got better legs than Haley Scarnato. He’s closed to just 5 points in one poll and across the board is averaging just an 8-point deficit to Senator Clinton. Not bad for a guy who three years ago was wearing political Pull-Ups. (previous ranking: #2)
1(tie) Hillary Clinton Clinton Down There’s only one question on the mind of ’08 watchers. Does the Senate health plan cover political grief counseling? Hillary has officially lost the title of presumptive nominee. The race she thought would be more coronation than perspiration has developed into a political junkies dream. She can boast all she wants about finishing the first quarter with the most cash-on-hand, but her support wasn’t nearly as deep as her co-leader. (previous ranking: #1)
3 John Edwards Edwards Even Edwards has rebounded in national polls, but the Tip Sheet hears he has an Obama voodoo doll hanging somewhere in his humble NC home. The race to be the “Anybody But Hillary” candidate was Edwards’ to win or lose. That particular race is over for now, and the man with the $400 haircut and populist message is struggling to stay relevant as the lone white male in the top 4. (previous ranking: #3)
4 Bill Richardson Richardson Even As he’s apt to remind you, Richardson is the only actively serving governor on either side. The NM chief executive received positive reviews for his recently concluded state legislative session and got virtually everything he wanted with some crafty maneuvering. Toss in a surprisingly strong $6 million raised in the first quarter and you’ve got the greatest threat to the big three. He doesn’t poll particularly well, but at this early stage in 1991, neither did another chubby governor. (previous ranking: #4)
5 Chris Dodd Dodd Up Despite Dodd’s day job as chairman of the powerful Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, he didn’t raise nearly as much money in the first quarter as some predicted. Nevertheless, a healthy transfer of $5 million from his Senate account gives him enough dough to forge on. And even if his numbers weren’t stellar, he did boast some star power of his own cashing checks from the likes of Chevy Chase. Dodd just hopes his campaign lasts longer than Chevy’s talk show. (previous ranking: #6)
6 Joe Biden Biden Up Biden’s $2.8 million in the bank keeps him solidly in the second tier. But outside the picnic shelter at the Biden family reunion, is there anyone who believes he can actually be elected president of this country? Now Iraq is another matter. With Biden’s ability to frame the debate and articulately discuss every nuance of the troubled country, perhaps Biden is setting himself up for a change of citizenship? (previous ranking: #7)
7 Al Gore Gore Down Gore had a window of opportunity leading up to and immediately after the Oscars, but that window is now closing faster than a Quentin Tarantino film. It doesn’t help that no one can hear his global warming message, what with all those hats and ear muffs we’re having to wear this spring. (previous ranking: #5)
8 Dennis Kucinich Kucinich Even Kucinich is the only candidate on the left with almost as many MySpace friends as dollars in the bank. He’s pledged to raise $50 million for his campaign and his Q1 totals put him comfortably on pace to challenge for the nomination in 2096. (previous ranking: #8)
9 Wes Clark Clark Even Say goodnight, Gracie. The draft Clark effort is running on dial-up fumes. (previous ranking: #9)
10 Mike Gravel Even The bad news is that Gravel’s campaign reports just $498 dollars cash-on-hand. The good news is that leaves plenty for a nice haircut before the first candidate forum. (previous ranking: #10)

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The GOP Horse Tip Sheet
Power Ranking The Horse Momentum The Tip Sheet
1 Rudy Giuliani Giuliani Even In any other year Giuliani’s first quarter numbers would have been like an overdose of Viagra to the political world. But he finished fourth overall and has watched his lead shrink in the most recent polls. Plenty of pundits and bloggers are wondering how long Mr. Teflon II can deflect controversy and bridge his deep ideological gap with the GOP base. Will he be known as a Sanjaya or a Melinda? Only time will tell. (previous ranking: #1)
2 Mitt Romney Romney Up Romney led the GOP field with a whopping $23 million raised in the first quarter. Then he went right out and spent nearly half of it on Caffeine Free Diet Coke and name ID. He’s doing well on the ground in places like South Carolina, winning a surprising number of county straw polls, but he needs to start seeing a return on that Q1 investment quickly in the national polls that make the 6:00 news. (previous ranking: tied for #2)
3 John McCain McCain Sources say Senator McCain is in the market for a Men in Black magic pen-light that when triggered causes everyone to forget the last several months. How else does he get past a rough first quarter that was supposed to send him off on an easy trot to the nomination? He’s still the establishment favorite with a shiny bus, but his momentum is AWOL. (previous ranking: tied for #2)
10 Fred Thompson Fred Thompson Up Yes, Fred’s ranking is lofty for someone not actually running for president, but how can you ignore a guy whose numbers are so sky high? His dog and pony show on the Hill got raves and there are rumored to be dozens of lawmakers ready to endorse his candidacy. And honestly, why would Lymphoma mess with a guy like Fred Thompson? Doesn’t it know Fred’s going to beat the snot out of it and send it to jail? (previous ranking: unranked)
5 Newt Gingrich Gingrich Even Newt’s got ideas that resonate, a loyal following, and poll numbers that over half the field must envy. What he doesn’t have are little things like money, a political team, or a calendar. (previous ranking: #5)
4 Mike Huckabee Huckabee Down Huckabee has been running full-time since January but has little to show for it. Now a new Gallop poll has him trailing George Pataki. Pataki? Seriously? George Pataki? Huck needs to make a move quickly, or his best shot at airtime in ’08 will be as the new Jared. (previous ranking: #4)
6 Sam Brownback Brownback Down Brownback raised less than $2 million since December, has less than $1 million in the bank, and can’t crack 1% in the polls. Those might be three good reasons to consider throwing in the salt lick. (previous ranking: #6)
7 Duncan Hunter Hunter Down Calling Hunter’s early fundraising numbers anemic would be a disservice to anemia sufferers everywhere. He raised enough to keep the electricity on, but his campaign better hope for a mild summer. (previous ranking: #7)
8 Tommy Thompson Thompson Down With a resume like Thompson’s, one expected a bit more than the $500K raised thus far. Perhaps if he were Jewish he’d do better, because according to Thompson they’re good with money. (previous ranking: #8)
9 Jim Gilmore Gilmore Down MISSING: Evidence of the candidacy of former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. If you have any information on its whereabouts, please email (previous ranking: #9)

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