You can accomplish much if you don’t care who gets the credit. Ronald Reagan believed as much, apparently Fred Thompson does too. Thompson has asked state lawmakers to withdrawal their proposal to rename US Highway 43 “Fred Thompson Boulevard.” In a letter to lawmakers Thompson states:

“It is entirely appropriate that it remains Highway 43, the way I remember it was when I was a boy.”

Perhaps Thompson is trying to look humble in preparation for announcing a presidential bid. Or perhaps not; Political Derby has learned from a “source in-the-know” that Thompson’s flirtation with running is little more than a power play intended to bolster his negotiating stance on his Law & Order contract, which expires this year. Say it isn’t so Fred!

It does appear Thompson is doing a little too much work just to bolster contract negotiations. If that’s the case, why go to Capitol Hill and meet with lawmakers? Why sneak into the Mayflower hotel restaurant with Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican National Committee? For now, those are questions only Fred Thompson can answer.

If Thompson is not running, the least he could do is leave us with Fred Thompson Boulevard.


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