New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has billions of dollars, and if he wants to waste a big pile of them on a third-party bid for president in 2008, I say more power to him. Maybe he could be the nominee for Unity08. Bloomberg, along with Sens. Chuck Hagel and Joe Lieberman, seem like just the kind of guys Unity08 is looking for.

Unity08 is a cute idea, and I do sympathize with some of their concerns — especially about lobbying, corruption, and the influence of big money in politics. But there’s a good reason why we have a two-party system: People who are active in politics tend to come down pretty strongly on one side or the other on various issues. And the two major parties adjust and evolve on the issues in order to stay competitive and reach that elusive 50.1%. That’s why you don’t hear much anymore from Democrats about gun control, and you don’t see Republicans trying to shut down fertility clinics that discard embryos.

Unity08 assumes that there is a huge majority of Americans out there, who have previously been mostly apathetic about politics, but will now suddenly emerge as a political force to be reckoned with. It’s a free country, and they’re perfectly entitled to be 100% wrong.


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