ABC News released a partial transcript of an interview between Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani and interviewer Barbara Walters scheduled to air tonight on the program “20/20.” Bwa-Bwa probes America’s Mayor as to the role of his First Lady in a prospective Giuliani White House:

Would she be involved in policy decisions?

“To the extent she wants to be. I couldn’t have a better adviser,” is quoted Giuliani.

Cabinet meetings? She would sit in …

“… if she wanted to … if they were relevant to something that she was interested in. I mean, that would be something that I’d be very, very comfortable with.”

To her credit, Mrs. Giuliani would agree to sit in on White House policy meetings, “if he asks me to.”

Something about these quotes is just too eerily familiar, like shopping at the supermarket with a girlfriend you’ve just made up with after a plate smashing argument. Either that or Mayor Giuliani and his wife have actually just met and it’s an arranged marriage. I suspect we will be getting the traditional “soft lights” and an even “softer side” from one of our most recognized Presidential hopefuls on tonight’s program. It’s a common sense campaign media move to appeal to those Middle American voters. The program airs tonight at 10 p.m. EDT

Giuliani will also respond to questions about the relationship between him and his 21 year old son Andrew which is widely reported to be strained and Mrs. Giuliani responds to the accusation that her relationship with the mayor is the source of his most recent divorce (if you’re counting, we’re on number two).

My only question is will the country get behind a Presidential bid from a candidate who has the love life of a Woody Allen main character? To be continued.