“We want NEWT! Er, no, no, not Newt … We want MITT! Umm, wait, hold on a sec … We want RUDY! Uhh, scratch that, darn YouTube … OK, here we go … We want FRED! Er …”

The online Republican faithful have a case of schizophrenia that would make Sybil look stable and well-adjusted. Each of the past four months, they have changed their mind about their favorite for 2008. Their latest infatuation is with Fred Thompson.

In a real-world scientific poll by USA Today, Thompson manages to pull in four times the support of Mitt Romney (January’s online fling) just by implying that he might be thinking about running, or perhaps not. Ouch. Mitt might be on his way to making the Guinness Book of World Records for most dollars spent per primary vote.

So let me get this straight. Thompson, with no serious political organization in place, no money, no establishment backing, is going to win the Republican coronation nomination? Sure he is. (When James Dobson says he doesn’t think you’re a Christian, that can’t help.)

My suspicion is that, at the end of the day, the unloved John McCain is going to be the compromise Republican nominee. I can already hear the wailing across the Web.


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