I received an interesting email from some very dedicated FOF’s. (Friends of Fred) Here’s a snippet. Is this just the tip of the iceberg? Is there really legit hunger for another republican to enter the race?

I want to tell you about a grassroots effort that we began two weeks ago which has had unprecedented success.

We believe in conservative values. In that respect, we’ve already begun working hard to make sure the right person is elected to the White House in ’08.

I am a former U.S. Congressional Staffer for former Congressman Van Hilleary and I am active in the GOP in Tennessee. I’d like to tell you about our efforts to get former Senator Fred Thompson into the race for ’08.

Our website went live less than two weeks ago. So far we (grassrootsvoter.com) have received petition signatures and full volunteer/contributor info from over 4,600 people. That includes scores of people from all 50 states as well as D.C. We expect to hit our first major milestone and our personal goal of 5,000 (soon).

We’ve been contacted by U.S. Soldiers, former WWII Vets, and even one of Fred Thompson’s own relatives! We’ve been interviewed by Westwood One and featured on various radio stations and television news outlets. Check out our News section at grassrootsvoter.com to listen to a couple of our favorite interviews.

We’ve also been endorsed by the House Minority leader of TN, Jason Mumpower, and other lawmakers.

We believe in everyday people. One way we are encouraging everyday people is through online advocacy and our website: www.grassrootsvoter.com

We’re convinced that we need a candidate to energize the country against impending competitors such as Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama.

No one is paying us to do this, we’re not politicians, and nor are we being paid by politicians. We simply love our country and we believe Fred Thompson should succeed President Bush in ’08.


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