Here’s a short and sweet piece in the NYP on Rudy’s fund-raising game plan over the next six weeks. Which reminds me…

The date on everyone’s brain is March 31. For the uninitiated, that’s the end of the first quarter filing period and we’ll have a very good idea about which horses sprinted out of the gate, which are stumbling, and which have fallen and need to be “put down” right on the track. It’s too early for anyone to pull out now, but obviously none of the horses want to be embarrassed with low numbers. Expect the game of lowering expectations to begin very soon. It ought to sound a little something like this:

Hillary: “You know, I expect we’ll have a good showing in the upcoming financial disclosures. You know, I don’t worry about bank accounts, I worry about women, children and the Geffens, and sometimes the Geffen’s children.”

Rudy: “Look, we’ll do well. We’ll surprise some people. We’ll probably raise almost 10 million in the quarter in mostly small contributions. And only half of that will be from my former wives and girlfriends.”

Obama: “I think our dream will truly set sail on March 31. I think we’ll be awed at the inspirational outpouring of heartwarming giving from the sea of loyal supporters praying and working and striving for change. A change for better. A change for all Americans. Can I get an amen? And a light?”

McCain: “This rush to fill our bank accounts with donor cash makes me sick. The system is broken! But not my system, of course, try it out right now with any major credit card at”


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