Wow, is it ever ON between the Hillary and Obama camps now! So much for “a new kind of politics” to unite everyone, these two are at each other’s throats. Hotline has some details.

First, Hillary’s top hatchet man Howard Wolfson goes after Obama’s chief money man (and music mogul) David Geffen over comments he made in Maureen Dowd’s NY Times column ripping Bill Clinton over who got pardoned and who didn’t back in 2000. Wolfson actually demands that Obama fire Geffen from his campaign and give back his money!

But it gets better. Obama’s camp comes back with all guns blazing, as spokesman Robert Gibbs points out that maybe Hillary is just mad because Geffen used to raise money for the Clintons and even (gasp) slept in the Lincoln Bedroom! He also makes a point about the (bought and paid for) Hillary endorsement of a black South Carolina politician who came right out and stated that Obama couldn’t win because he’s … black.

Well, you knew this was coming sooner or later, and it’s escalating. It’s hard to imagine Hillary HQ just sitting back and taking those shots. Guess who’s keeping their heads down and smiling the whole time? Every other Democrat running for president.


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