The Washington Post has an interesting story on Hillary’s first trip to Iowa.

Although Clinton appears formidable at the national level, she has not built up a lead in Iowa, home of the first caucuses of the 2008 campaign next January. Most recent polls of Iowa Democrats have shown former senator John Edwards of North Carolina in the lead, with Clinton in a pack that includes Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack.

Of special interest is the following statement made by Clinton advisors regarding Hillary, one of the most well known candidates in the race.

Clinton advisers accept the polls as generally accurate and reject suggestions that she will have trouble converting skeptics into supporters. She has, they argue, only begun the process of introducing herself to Iowans, in a dinner in Washington last month and with a handful of phone calls to key activists.

A common problem among presidential candidates well known to the public is the belief they need to constantly reinvent themselves to change public opinion.  With a candidate as well known as Hillary Clinton this could be the first signs of “Clinton fatigue.”


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