Somehow this missed us. (And we generally pride ourselves on being vain enough to catch press mentions the instant they hit!) Better late than never, PD appreciates the love from the MSM.

How some assess Bayh’s chances:

• The Fix,’s politics blog: Gives Bayh the fourth-best chance of winning the nomination. Says he has a tough road selling a centrist message to liberal activists in the primary but is “as well-organized as any candidate in the field and has put together an extremely impressive — and experienced — staff from top to bottom.”
• Ranks Bayh fifth in the Democratic field. Says he is an attractive candidate, despite being “charismatically challenged” and despite registering little passion in the polls even though he’s been running longer than almost any other candidate.
• Bayh might do as well in other Midwestern states as he has in GOP-leaning Indiana. But it’s unclear that he “has the verve to lift crowds.”
• National Journal’s May poll of 108 Democratic insiders: Gave Bayh the fifth-best chance of securing the nomination. One insider said there is a tendency to underestimate Bayh, who has been raising money and honing his skills.
• Congressional Quarterly: Bayh could avoid the “liberal” label that’s hurt other Democratic nominees, has raised enough money to enter the race and is telegenic. But “coming across as a mild-mannered Midwestern deacon is not what presidential campaign audiences expect, and in Washington, he is viewed as an intellectual lightweight.”

— Gannett News Service


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