Well yes, it probably is, but that’s not the point. During a visit to DC this week, Tom Delay said the following:

“Hillary will be the next president of the United States because they have built a coalition.”

Either Delay now feels liberated to say what he really thinks, or he’s been drinking his own bath water in his DC hotel. Even if you truly believed Hillary was going to be elected, why would you say that in the same sentence that includes an “ask” of $52 per-year to your Grassroots Action and Information Network? (GAIN) What does the $52 get you? Therapy when she wins?

Conservatives want a fight, a cause, an 800-pound horse to chase after and eventually catch and slaughter. The last thing conservatives want to hear is someone like Tom Delay talk about forgone conclusions.

While we’re questioning Delay’s strategy, one has to wonder where this powerful coalition led by MoveOn has been hiding for all these years. Says Delay, “I have never seen a more powerful coalition.” Huh? MoveOn is largely a giant shell with oodles of stale e-mail addresses. And this coalition he speaks of has done nothing but lose elections for an awfully long time. Certainly this “powerful coalition” can’t claim credit for November’s gains. Exit polls suggest those pickups were directly attributed more to scandal and ethics questions than to some “powerful coalition.”

And, lest Delay forgets, that “powerful coalition” has been losing presidential elections, the golden ring of politics, pretty well lately, losing 7 of the last 10. And one of those wins, Clinton in 1992, was with a paltry 43% of the vote.

Way to rally the troops, Tom. I’m just dying to send you my money. Look folks, if you were thinking of sending Delay $52 to join GAIN, save your dough and send us $26. We’ll use your cash on water filters for the office.


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