We don’t normally post reader e-mails, but this one seemed especially passionate and is likely a fair representation of where many conservatives stand on the candidacy of John McCain. Despite the fact that we have him as the lead horse, we’ve always maintained he has serious hurdles to eventually claim the nomination. The rankings are a snapshot of today’s racetrack, not necessarily where we predict the horses will be a year from now. Enjoy.
Dear Derby,
I am a retired veteran who served in Viet Nam. Also, my brother was killed in Viet Nam in 1968.  My father is retired Army an served in both WWII and Korea. So, I understand first hand the cost of freedom.  Despite my deep sense of patriotism and love for my country, I can tell you emphatically that if McCain is selected as the GOP candidate for President, I will denounce my citizenship and move to another country.  With McCain as President, I will consider American lost and beyond restoration.  I believe that McCain and his fellow moderates are directly responsible for the GOP losing the mid-term elections in November.  The conservatives that elected him and the GOP majority expected them to work vigorously to undo the damaged caused by 8 years of the Clinton administration and to restore our traditional religious and moral values. Instead, all he and his fellow moderates did was to fight the administration for 6 years and negotiate with a party that is committed to redefining America as a socialist state, following the European model.

McCain and his fellow moderates, have betrayed the trust of conservative Americans and is a traitor, by our Founding Fathers’ principles.  He is absolutely the worst choice for the GOP!!! I would vote for Hillary (who I despise) before I would vote for McCain. At least I know where she stands.  McCain is misguided and lacks the wisdom of our forefathers and does not have the correct vision for our future.

William, Ft Lauderdale