The AP has this fresh piece on Hillary’s “electability”. The article is largely rehash of things we’ve heard before and hardly breaks any news. There is, however, one line that jumps right off the monitor like nude pictures of Danny Devito. It’s a quote from democratic “strategist” Chris Lehane:

“Everyone is looking at how she compares to McCain, and that will help her in the long term because he hasn’t been tested the way she has,” Lehane said, noting that Clinton already runs about even or just slightly behind McCain in most polls.

I’m hardly a member of the John McCain fan club, but to suggest Hillary is more tested than McCain is ludicrous. McCain has been on a ballot about 43 more times than Hillary and, in case Lehane was high in 2000, McCain ran for President in 2000 under a microscope so big it could find talent in Paris Hilton.

McCain has his own set of issues to overcome, like kissing and making up with grassroots conservatives, but he’s vastly more electable in a general election than the 8th Ankled-Wonder of the World.