The bad news is that Virginia’s democratic candidate for Senate is going to lose his race against republican Senator George Allen. The good news is that he’s going to have much more time in his daily routine to write novels featuring incest and pedophilia. There are some things voters can look past; don’t expect this to be one of them. When faced with the choice between a man who used ridiculously poor judgement in Macacagate and another man who’s made a habit of writing novels that demean women, children and the military, I’m betting the former gets more votes. It’s one thing for Allen to smear Webb with second or third-hand stories and he-said, she-said accounts from his time as Secretary of the Navy. But it’s another to confront him with his own words from his own books.

Oh, and what a nice day for this front page feature in the Washington Post where Webb reminds us he’s a writer first and foremost. Well that sure makes me feel better.

Happy writing, Jim.