Tom Daschle, the disgraced former Senate Majority leader, who not only gave up the Senate majority under his leadership but even lost his own seat to Republican John Thune in 2004, now predicts that the democrats will take it all!  As reported by the Associated Press:

Tom Daschle predicted on Monday that Democrats will pick up seven U.S. Senate seats this year and said his party needs to “restore the confidence that has been lost about Congress.” [He] also predicted his party would pick up around 25 seats in the U.S. House.

It’s certainly not difficult to predict the same thing you hear every night from the “old” media.  Given the simplicity of his prediction, one has to wonder about the motivation behind his announcement.  Is he simply weighing in on the exhaustive predictions of a Democratic take over? Or is this part of his continuing effort to keep himself viable as a 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominee?   As pointed out by the AP Daschle had visited the all important states of New Hampshire and Iowa this year and he downplays the strength of his potential opponents:

On Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who said Sunday he is considering seeking the nomination, Daschle said it’s “appropriate” he’s thinking about a run. “I think because of the tremendous amount of enthusiasm and support that Sen. Obama has around the country, you’d be foolish not to give it some very careful thought. And I hope he does make a very thoughtful evaluation of whether a race at this point makes sense or not.”

He said New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is not a lock for the nomination.  “I think even Sen. Clinton would tell you that she is not, she is not a candidate yet, and it’s hard to say,” Daschle said. “I don’t think anyone has a lock on it.

These sound strangely like the comments of a man who has already made up his mind.