The um, rumor, on why Mark Warner really pulled out of the 2008 nomination race is that he has a Clinton problem.  As reported by Radar, the real reason behind his failure to launch is that he is “trying to skirt a bimbo eruption.”

D.C. insiders are speculating that his surprise pull-out may have been sparked by concerns that alleged past sexual indiscretions could derail his campaign—especially in the midst of the Mark Foley feeding frenzy.

“I can’t believe no one has mentioned his philandering,” a former political aide tells Radar, adding that she herself was subjected to Warner’s advances in the late ’90s and had heard “stories about Mark and many interns.”

“This can’t be isolated. I have to believe this stuff is all over,” a former D.C. consultant tells Radar.

“It would be ironic if the anti-Hillary faction’s best hope turned out to have the same problem as Bill,” the consultant said.