The media is buzzing with news of the GOP’s inevitable loss of control in Congress.  Check out the results of these recent media polls:

ABC/WP Poll: Dems Lead GOP 54-41 Percent in Congressional Races

USA Today/ Gallop Poll:  Dems gain big lead: 59-36 %

CBS/NYT Poll: 2006 Congressional Vote: 49% (D) 35% (R)

Is this the perfect storm preceding the Democrat takeover of Congress?  It might be.  But if it is, pollsters shouldn’t depend on faulty data to make their case.  At least in the case of the ABC/ Washington post poll, 41 percent more Democrats were questioned for that survey than Republicans. According to Newsbusters:

The breakdown was: 38 percent Democrats; 27 percent Republicans, and; 31 percent Independents. This was the largest skewing of Democrats to Republicans in a WaPo-ABC News poll since at least April. By contrast, in last month’s poll, the breakdown was 33 percent Democrats, 32 percent Republicans, and 30 percent Independents.