Chris Cillizza of the WaPo blogs today that Dr. Bill Frist has landed two sizable whales to his 2008 team:

Frist takes a big step forward among the influential evangelical movement with word that George Seay III, one of the founders of Legacy — a burgeoning group of wealthy and politically minded evangelicals seeking to exert influence in the 2008 presidential election — has signed on as a supporter of the Tennessee senator.

Even still, Cillizza apparently has a tough time seeing the good Doctor emerging as a major player during campaign ’08:

Frist has largely flown under the radar ever since, and although we remain skeptical that he will emerge as a major player for the Republican nomination, his prospects have improved.

He’s more polite than I am. I think Frist has a better chance appearing on Grey’s Anatomy than on a 2008 ballot.