I’m still assuming that most Americans are not yet asking themselves questions like, “What do the latest polls say about the Iowa-1 race?” We are a long way from the midterm elections and people have other things to worry about (netizens from freerepublic and moveon excepted). So, how do things look? Gas prices are down. George W. Bush is out reminding people that he is still the President of a nation at war. The president of Iran (whatever his name is) is reminding people that the U.N. can’t solve everything (anything?). The stock market is up. Most parts of the country are at what is essentially full employment. Iraq is still a mess but not, it seems, getting any worse. Didn’t they just take over military operations or something (yes, in case you missed the 5 second blurb on the news)?

The democrats seem to count on people voting for them because they are not republicans. If the country is in bad shape, it must be the fault of the folks in charge. That might be a good strategy when things are really, demonstrably, undeniably (I get paid by the syllable) terrible. Sorry, but things just aren’t that bad. In fact, even God or Mother Nature or Al Gore or whoever you believe controls the weather seems to be working against the dems. Another major hurricane would have at least given them something to pin on the incumbents.

The extreme left and right are going to vote the party line because, well, I don’t know, but that’s another topic. Just take my word for it. The voters who are up for grabs still haven’t made up their minds but it’s starting to get hard to argue for regime change. Things just aren’t bad enough. Yet.