If the original right wing conspirator, Pat Buchanan, is correct, the jockey may soon have to update the Democratic front runner. Pat says, Gore Can Beat Hillary for the Nomination:

If Al ran, he would open with a pair of aces. To Democrats, Gore was right on the war when almost everyone else was wrong, which gives him the inside track to the antiwar vote that will be as crucial in the Democratic primaries of 2008 as it was in 1968 and 1972.

Both of the other major antiwar candidates, John Kerry and John Edwards, voted for the war — before they voted against it. Gore opposed it from the outset. And his endorsement of Howard Dean, much ridiculed when Dean disintegrated weeks later, looks less like a political gaffe now than an act of principle.

Buchanan goes on to document Hillary’s slip in the polls, and the huge problems she will have with the democratic base due to her Iraq war stance. This is all the more true in a Clinton vs. Gore nomination fight. There is also the sense among the democratic base that Hillary is unelectable in a general election. While there is no doubt this is indeed the sentiment among a portion of the base, Dick Morris, previous Clinton White House Advisor, turned Fox News Contributor says in the general election Hillary is a slam dunk. During a recent appearance on FNC’s Hannity & Colmes he explained why she does well in a general election:

When Hillary runs, right now she’s getting about the same percent of the vote as other candidates. But she doesn’t just change the numerator, she changes the denominator. She brings into the electorate voters who would not participate. Because the idea of a woman running would be such a cataclysmic idea that would bring so many new voters out.

And white men, already voted to a 110 percent turnout, because there’s no white man that George Bush didn’t bring out into the election that could possibly have voted Republican. But she will change that fundamental construct. And I think that’s the key thing that the anti-Hillary types, who are living within the world as it is, overlook.

So, Hillary is the DNC’s silver bullet after all, but according to Buchanan she may never get the shot. This certainly makes for an interesting Democratic presidential nomination, but until Mr. Gore throws his hat in the ring, or at least makes the possibility a bit more certain, the race is still Hillary’s to lose. So much for the vast right wing conspiracy!