Once again, people (like us) who pay as much attention to politics as to football are assuming that everyone else does, too. Patriots fans are already standing around water coolers and coffee pots talking about the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Self-proclaimed patriots are reviewing polls and speeches as they try to decide what seats are up for grabs and how the “voters’ mood” is going to effect November’s elections. Some are even trying to handicap the super bowl XLII of politics, the 2008 presidential election (sorry, jockey). It’s all great fun and can raise spirits and/or blood pressure but it will have no effect on the outcome of the contests.

Those who are already talking about a democrat resurgence and takeover in congress are basing their predictions, in part, on what some fans are saying very early in the season. The sad fact is that only a relatively small percentage of Americans have given even a moment’s thought to which party should run the house or senate. Those who will decide the key races in November are in the squishy middle and they don’t care yet. A lot can happen in two months. A lot of money will be spent and a lot of messages fine-tuned. A lot of minds will change.

As we get closer to the election, I will try to look at the political landscape from the non-rabid voter’s point of view. Soccer moms and football fans are going to decide who leads congress. That is exactly how it should be. It’s up to the politicians to make the choice clear.