George HW Bush had his  grocery store scanner experience.  Dan Quayle had his potatoe moment.  And John Edwards had… well; apparently it is for just that moment that Al Gore is waiting.  At least, this is the opinion of the New York Observer.  Al Gore winks and smiles and says he has no plans to run.  Meanwhile, Mr. Edwards is fighting his war on poverty all the way to the front steps of the Democratic National Convention.  As the Observer correctly points out, Hillary Clinton has staked out the middle ground in the fight for the nomination, but there is only so much room to her left.  It is unlikely that both Edwards and Gore could effectively hold that ground.  Mr. Edwards is gathering support as the far left’s poster child.  Mr. Gore will need some excuse, some reason to explain why he did a turn around and ultimately decided to run.  In the absence of Edwards having a truly bad hair day, Mr. Gore’s opportunity might never come.


Update: If there is any doubt, that John Edwards’ hair could be his achilles heel check out this video (courtesey of